Cadenergy was established in 1990. Each Layout Engineer has at least 30 years of expertise in all aspects of PCB design. Whether it’s a straight forward double sided board, or a high density, high speed, multilayer, with fine pitch BGA’s, and blind, buried and micro vias, you can be sure that every effort has been made to produce a robust design to ensure ease of board manufacture and component assembly. Although we layout all types of boards, our speciality is in extremely tight, high density circuits, using our skills to produce the most cost effective manufacturable solution.

We have PCB design experience in many different fields of the electronics industry, including Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Consumer Electronics, Telecoms, Medical, Space, Marine, and Oil.

Mike Graham Design Engineer
Gary Biard Design Engineer
Kevin Borth Wick Design Engineer

We’re Experienced. Each designer has a minimum of 30 years layout experience.
Reliable. We offer deliveries we can keep. Once your Order has been acknowledged you are kept up to date with progress.
We’re Fast. We’ll offer you a choice of deliveries, whether fixed price or hourly rate.
We’re Cost Effective. Every design we undertake has Design For Manufacture (DFM) built-in.

We know what Manufacturers and Assemblers want for an easy process that results in high yield and therefore lower costs to you for every unit you make for the life of the product.
We’re Independent. You own the completed design. You’re free to change Manufacturers or Assemblers at will with no penalty. You aren’t contracted to take a minimum quantity.

We design to suit your manufacturing and assembly preferences.
We’re Flexible. We can finish a design that you’ve started.

We’d rather be involved at the start but if you run out of resource we can help out. We can work at your premises if required.

design services we provide include:
PCB Layout. Produced from customer supplied data.
Engineer on Site. We can work at your premises.
Reverse Engineering. We can re-produce layouts from old or out of date data.
Cost Reduction. We can evaluate any board, with an aim to making it cheaper to produce, and to provide increased yield.
Schematic Capture. Produce a CAD drawing of your schematic.

software applications we work with
Altium Designer and Mentor Graphics Pads.

Do you require a layout quotation?
If you would like a quotation for any of the services we offer please get in touch via the link below. We offer a choice of deliveries, with either a fixed price or an hourly rate.

Simply email us here if you would like a quotation.
The team have a proven track record in PCB Layout & Design that spans more than 30 years. In that time we have worked with some of the World’s leading companies on projects of all sizes. We are reliable, focused and provide a cost effective service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss a future design or if you simply require some professional advice then we are here to help.
Mike Graham Design Engineer

PCB Design Engineer

Gary Biard Design Engineer
gary baird

PCB Design Engineer

Kevin Borth Wick Design Engineer
kevin borthwick

PCB Design Engineer

If you would like an informal discussion about a PCB design. Just get in touch.

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