Last updated 9 October 2012

Lower your PCB Manufacturing costs

  • Layer count reduction.
  • Blind and Buried via Designed out.
  • Via size increase.
  • Via count reduction.
  • Track and Gap increase.
  • Copper Balance.
  • Lower your PCB Assembly costs

  • Double sided Assembly to Single sided.
  • Balanced Designs for faster throughput.
  • Component type side balance.
  • Lower your Unit Assembly costs

  • Flexi rigid solutions to remove cable harnesses and assembly time.
  • Multiple board stacks on to single PCB.
  • Full testability

  • Function test.
  • Clam Shell.
  • Single sided.
  • Boundary scan.
  • Yield Improvement

  • Resist misalignment problems.
  • Design out over or under etch.
  • Problem component footprint solutions.
  • Component mass balance.
  • Signal Integrity Improvement

  • Impedance control.
  • Track quality improvement - reduced track length and via count.
  • Interactive manual routing not Batch Autorouting.
  • We have the full suite of Pre and Post Layout Tools
         - Hyperlynx LineSim and BoardSim.

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    Congratulations to the European Ryder Cup Team

    What a weekend of Golf. Looking forward to Scotland hosting 2014

    Remote working turned out to be the way to go

    3 remote offices now up and running like clockwork. See contact details for direct numbers to our 3 Designers.